Visiting Vipava Valley in Slovenia

The Vipava Valley is the type of place that a foodie with a love of adventurous activities on the side dreams of. The extremely eco-conscious vintage villages are littered with free electric car charging stations, and spots to refill wine bottles at local cellars. Every town in the valley also has its own natural water spring which keeps the local Zelen grapes in perfect condition to produce some delicious wines.

Family-run food spots

The villages in the valley are a perfect picture, with white-washed stone houses with vines dangling between the balconies and terraces. Most families have their own grapes and kitchens where you can sample the purest form of local wine, and various meals as well. Settle into a small garden setting and enjoy the local hospitality and great food.

Cejkotova Domačija

The little village that is Cejkotova Domačija in Goče is the oldest in Slovenia, and it’s where you can visit a traditional family home and dine on their terrace. You’ll receive a mini-tour of the house, before being poured a glass of home-made wine and served with a plate of regional cheeses. The kitchen is run by a mother and daughter team who offer up a range of courses of local cuisine to savour while you stare out at the amazing scenery that is the rolling hills of the vineyards.

The castles in Stanjel

Visit a castle that is still standing from Roman times and offers some fantastic views of the valley. The 16th-century castle and accompanying village is the best place to try some local honey, and if you are lucky enough to grab one of the few beds on offer, you can stay the night in style.

Other things to see in the Vipava Valley

You may also want to stay at the Majerija Hotel in the heart of the valley; there are boutique rooms, lavender gardens and a restaurant which serves meals and wine all locally sourced from the market down the street.

The adventurous side of the valley offers cycling between villages and paragliding for a birds-eye view of the coast. You can also hike through the well-marked tracks of Vipava Valley, which are also well suited to a mountain bike if you want to conquer it faster.

Slovenia is a destination that offers so much to any traveller, where they’re looking for good food, wine, or adventures and activities. And the best part? Slovenia is one of the cheapest spots to visit in Europe, so your bank account will thank you!

Must-Go-To Beach Destinations In Europe

Are you thinking of taking a vacation on a dreamy seaside, silky warm sea, lush scenery, and endless sunshine in your next beach travel destination? Every beach destination offers its sultry attractions. Here are some of the great beach destinations for adventurers.

Praia da Marinha in Portugal

Praia and beach

Visit Europe and enjoy one of the top beaches in Portugal. Praia da Marinha should have a spot in your must-go-to beach destinations. Located on the southernmost Algarve region in Portugal, this island is a popular destination for vacationers. Beautiful views of surrounding cliffs on one side and crystal clear blue waters on the other gives you no excuse not to see the place the soonest!

The island of Rangali in the Maldives 

Rangali is one of the greatest places with a picture-perfect resort in a stunning island setting. It is the place for those seeking endless hours of sunshine, a family escape during the school holidays, or an excellent offer on your luxury getaway. Couples will love this intimate beach destination and romantic feel of the surrounding. It is a popular choice for beach lovers the world over.


Fiji offers plenty of relaxing view, from clear blue water to lush forests to chains of volcanoes. No doubt, this South Pacific island nation is beautiful and offers perfect beaches with turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs. With stunning beaches that meet your dream vacation, exploring the island’s other attractions will make your stay even more memorable.  

Be enchanted with the beauty of natural waterfalls and explore underwater life while scuba diving or snorkelling. Truly, this will be one beach vacation you will never forget.

Beautiful Places to See in Western Europe

European countries are full of lively cities known for their museums, eateries, nightlife and architecture. So, when it comes to deciding which country to visit can be difficult. If you plan to visit Europe, the western part is an exciting region to travel and for good reason. With such a vivid history and beautiful landscape, it’s no wonder that it is a popular travel destination for many travellers.

The rich history and stunning landscape make Europe a popular tourist destination. There is just a lot of wondrous places to visit. Here are some places to visit on your trip.


Located at the crossroads of Western Europe, Belgium offers one of the most unique cultures in the region. With its impressive Gothic cathedrals and historical statues, Belgium offers an array of things to do and see while visiting.


Luxembourg is one of the most wealthy countries in the world and its successful steel, finance, and technology industries have to lead the way in innovation. History lovers will enjoy a trip to Luxembourg has the official World War Two museum is located here. The country is perfect for an educational stop while travelling in Europe and you’ll be sure to enjoy Luxembourg’s incredible culture and cuisine.


France is a hot-spot for history buffs, artists, and students from all over the world. The countries rich history and beautiful landmarks make it one of the best places to explore on vacation. From the Louvre to the Palace of Versailles, there are enough amazing attractions here to keep you busy for your entire trip.

Plan The Ultimate Vacation At These Great Holiday Destinations

Ever wanted to travel the world but don’t know what countries to prioritise? Well, to help you on your search here is our top travel destinations. We hope this help on your quest.

Indonesia. The Republic of Indonesia is a diverse country with new eco-resorts that offers close up encounters with orangutans in Sumatra and even learning the tribal traditions of Papua. The country has around 17,000 islands which comprise of different cuisines, cultures, and religions.

Tourists who come to Indonesia mostly love to visit the Prambanan Temples. Built in the 10th century, it comprises the remains of 244 temples. This is also considered the largest Hindu site and a top of Southeast Asia’s major attractions. Another major attraction in the country is the Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls which was developed in early 2018.

Belarus. A visit to Belarus will let you see the Nyasvizh Castle, Mir Castle, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Kukhmystr, Enzo, Bistro de Luxe, Kvartirnik, Hooligan, and Jules Verne. Discover the best attractions in Homel including Homel Palace, a popular place of the country which was built by Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev in the 19th century. It soon became part of the Russian Empire.

Belize. This part of the Caribbean has the world’s second-largest barrier reef and also contains the most extensive and accessible cave systems. Many travellers struggle to find this island on the map. Fortunately, the government is making an effort to fully protect the island. Travellers will enjoy a day at the southern tip of Ambergris where the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is located. There is also the Truck Stop, Xunantunich, Belize Zoo, Caracol, Koko King, Museum of Belize, and a lot more to enjoy.

Top 2 Places To See In Dubai

Dubai is an old country but offers a lot of new things. The combination of its past and present has made this beautiful country a great travel destination among travellers.

Here are our top 2 places to visit in Dubai:

Escape to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Tourists are strongly suggested to take a tour at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve especially if you want to escape the glitz and glam of urban Dubai. The reserve mainly is mostly a research unit that occupies around 87 miles of the UAE desert. But this does not mean that you cannot explore the area. In fact, you are even allowed to tour the reserve on your own if you are up to it.

The park offers different types of activities that cater to your interest. For thrill-seekers, the park offers sand boarding, archery or dune driving. If you just want to relax and soak up the spirit if the desert, stay in Bedu tents where you will be served a Dune Dinner or a more Private Desert Dinner awaits. Tourists can also stay at the campsite and retreat at Al Maha A Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa to end your day.

Ski Dubai

Although Dubai is sizzling in triple-digit temperature, this does not stop them from experiencing a ski adventure. Welcome to Ski Dubai, which is a massive indoor winter wonderland that will just keep you in awe.

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski centre in the Middle East and boasts five ski runs. The longest is more than 1,300 feet with a 197-ft vertical drop. They also offer a freestyle snowboard zone, a chairlift and snowball fights.

Restaurants To Try Sushi When You Travel In Tokyo

Tokyo is a true food paradise! You can find any kind of food and it is always delicious. Of course, when you visit Japan, you need to try their sushi. And while most of the sushi you will try in the country is way better than what you have back home, you will also see the huge difference in the really good stuff while in the country.

If you are in Tokyo, better visit the following restaurants and taste why their sushi is the best:

Sushi no Midori

Sushi no Midori has multiple stores and you do not need to reserve just to order sushi. Instead, you can get a ticket to get reserved. Wait times of three hours are common so you have plenty of time to look around Tokyo then once you are hungry, you can come back to the place. What is even better is that they also amazing prize for their sushi, so it is a win-win.

Tsukiji Suzutomi

Operated by the Tsukiji tuna broker Suzutomi, this restaurant offers high-quality seafood. The tuna is also delicious so better try that too.

Sushi Saito

Sushi Saito is worth every dollar you spend but make sure the reserve months in advance because Chef Takashi Saito only provides seven seats on his three Michelin stars restaurant. The renowned chef brings out the best flavour out of his dishes as he has proven to be the leader in the industry.

Daisan Harumi Sushi

Serving sushi for over 50 years, chef Nazuo Nagayama of Daisan Harumi Sushi is a master in the sushi world with a couple of books under his belt.